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JK Bank to honour Sgr marathon winners Reyaz Wani To Get Lifetime Achievement Award srinagar, Feb 21: J&K Bank is going to felicitate the first three position holders of the 1st 42-KM Srinagar Marathon first postions holders Riyaz Ahmad (J&K police) while as Muzaffar ahmad of Budgam second place holder and Tanveer hussain of J&K BAnk Third place holders at JK Bank Corporate Headquarters here on Saturday. Bank would also be honoring veteran athlete of the Valley, Reyaz Ahmad Wani with life time achievement award on the occasion. Srinagar, hosted its full marathon on November 10 last year in which only top athletes of the State were allowed to participate. It was first time that full marathon was held in Kashmir Valley which covered 42-kilometres. The route of the event involved both old city and civil lines. The event which was flagged off near Jamia Masjid passed through various areas and culminated at Kashmir Harvard School Malabagh. JK Bank Executive President and Chairman Sports Board, Taffazul Hussain who was chief guest on the occasion said, “Bank will felicitate first three position holders and also will felicitate veteran athlete Reyaz Ahmad Wani “From the beginning we had planned to honor these talented athletes and for that we were planning from the very beginning. Award function will be hosted on Saturday. They deserve it as 42-kilometres run is not an easy job,” said Hussain. “We will also honor Reyaz Wani who has got exemplary career in the field, cycling, athletics, adventure sports that came to end during the Marathon run. He deserves to be honoured and we will felicitate him with life time achievement award,” he said. Meanwhile Reyaz has thanked JK Bank Sports Board for the honour and also to felicitate athletes. “I am thankful to Bank for the honor. I am thankful to them for felicitating the winners. It encourages youngsters to take on sports like athletics,” he said.

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@nd Kashmir Cycling Challange 2012 winner akber from CCC

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Tanveer cruises to victory
JK Bank At Forefront To Promote Sports: Taffazul Hussain

Srinagar, Mar 25: Tanveer Hussain cruised to victory in the first spring champions run organised by JK Sports Development Association at Almond garden (Badamwari) here on Sunday.
The first of its kind run in Valley in which only top 11 athletes of the Valley participated was flagged off by JK Bank Executive President and Chairman Sports Board Taffazul Hussain along with JK Bank Executive President GM Sahibzada and Secretary Sports Board Muhammad Amin Khan.
The event was held inside Badamwari on joggers track with the aim to promote health awareness among Srinagarites and also to kick start the sports season with the arrival of spring season. The total race distance was of 10 kilometres.
As the event was flagged off athletes who were all top athletes in their own sphere started in a flash in order to get an early lead t heir by getting early advantage from each. Among the 11 it was Tanveer Hussain of Fort City Athletic Club and Muzzaffer of Budgam who managed to get away from the rest of the competitors.
Hameed of Fort City Athletic Club and Hilal of Islamia College Hawal finished third and fourth respectively.
Speaking on the occasion Taffazul Hussain who was chief guest on the occasion said, “It is great to see such type of events taking place. Running, cycling are the sports that any one can take irrespective of being a professional or for ones own fitness. We have got potential in any kind of sport and athletics is no different. Only thing that our players need is support and more competitions”.
He said that JK Bank has been on the forefront to promote sports in the State and has not confined it self only to football.
“We have been in forefront to promote sports in the State through our Corporate Social Reasonability (CSR) initiatives. Not just football but every kind of sports discipline. I on behalf of JK Bank assure every kind of help to any deserving player” he said.
Later the chief guest distributed prizes among the winners.


The Jammu And Kashmir Sports development Association today was organized spring champions Run at Badamwari Srinagar 25 march 2012. the event was sponsored by Mr. Masood Ahmad Managing Director Jehlum hotel. Event was flag off by Mr. Tafazul Hussain Executive Presdient and Chairman sports Board J&K Bank. At 6.30 am the Tanveer Hussain Parra from fort city sports club won the champions Run while as Muzaffar Ahmad from Budgam got second place and Hamid ahmad from fort city sports club gotted third place and Hilal sofi from Islamia college got fourth placeand Yaqoob from Chinnar Sports Club got fifth place other athletes are Ashfaq Ahmad, Ashiq Hussain Amir, Villayat Ajaz, Muneer Ahmad, Younis Mr. Tafazul Hussain Was the chief Guest and disturbuted the prizes and certificates among the race winners. The 10km long run was under the supervision of .Mukhtar Rasool, Bashir Ahmad And Rouf Khan (Technical Committee)
Other were present at occasion Mr. Mohd Amin Khan Secretary Sports Boad J&K Bank, shahibzada President J&K Bank
Mr. Masood Ahmad President Cycling Association of J&K Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Vice President Cycling Assoc. Of J&K and Large Numbers Sports Lovers.

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How do I get started?

Start walking for a length of time that feels comfortable—anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Once you can walk for 30 minutes easily, sprinkle 1- to 2-minute running sessions into your walking. As time goes on, make the running sessions longer, until you're running for 30 minutes straight. For more running tips, visit our Club site at Baghi Waris Khan on "Getting Started"

Is it normal to feel pain during running?

Some discomfort is normal as you add distance and intensity to your training. But real pain isn't normal. If some part of your body feels so bad that you have to run with a limp or otherwise alter your stride, you have a problem. Stop running immediately, and take a few days off. If you're not sure about the pain, try walking for a minute or two to see if the discomfort disappears.

Do I have to wear running shoes, or are sneakers fine?

Running doesn't require much investment in gear and accessories, but you have to have a good pair of running shoes. Unlike sneakers, running shoes are designed to help your foot strike the ground properly, reducing the amount of shock that travels up your leg. They're also made to fit your foot snugly, which reduces the slipping and sliding that can lead to blisters. Visit a specialty running store to find the right shoe for you.

What's the difference between running on a treadmill and running outdoors?

A treadmill "pulls" the ground underneath your feet, and you don't face any wind resistance, both of which make running somewhat easier. Many treadmills are padded, making them a good option if you're carrying a few extra pounds or are injury-prone and want to decrease impact. To better simulate the effort of outdoor running, you can always set your treadmill at a 1-percent incline.

Where should I run?

You can run anywhere that's safe and enjoyable. The best running routes are scenic, well lit, free of traffic, and well populated. Think of running as a way to explore new territory. Use your watch to gauge your distance, and set out on a new adventure on each run. Ask other runners about the best local routes.

I always feel out of breath when I run. Is something wrong?

Yes, you're probably trying to run too fast. Relax. Slow down. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to run too fast. Concentrate on breathing from deep down in your belly, and if you have to, take walking breaks.

I often suffer from a side stitch when I run. Will these ever go away?

Side stitches are common among beginners because your abdomen is not used to the jostling that running causes. Most runners find that stitches go away as fitness increases. Also, don't eat any solid foods during the hour before you run. When you get a stitch, breathe deeply, concentrating on pushing all of the air out of your abdomen. This will stretch out your diaphragm muscle (just below your lungs), which is usually where a cramp occurs.

Should I breathe through my nose or my mouth?

Both. It's normal and natural to breathe through your nose and mouth at the same time. Keep your mouth slightly open, and relax your jaw muscles.

From:- Riyaz A. Wani
Baghi Waris Khan Running Stars

Tanver Hussain Parra Leading Cross Country Event at Dal lake srinagar J&K

Mr. Gulam Rasool Wetren Athlete from Eidgah at Baghi Waris Khan Park Running During Daily practice.

Mr. Riyaz Ahmad Wani At Manasbal mountain With MTB

Mr. Riyaz AHmad Wani Receiving Momento with DC srinagar in 1996 at Nishat Graden

Running for inter college at near sadakadal

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